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High seller - #57 blue roan gelding $7,100
Sale average - $2565

Saturday, August 24, 2013 marked the 16th anniversary of our Come To The Source Production Sale. There were customers from Virginia, Canada, Missouri, Kentucky, Texas, Califonia and a lot of folks from Iowa. The sale is a favorite this time of year, thanks to the cool nights and not-so-hot days in Laramie.

Friday night before the sale, the crowd enjoyed a meal from the local Corona Village and heard Dr. Pat McCue of CSU speak about Foaling and Care of the Newborn Foal. As usual, he was fun to listen to as he covered the basics and beyond.

The preview of riding horses was Saturday morning, and we got to see well-bred 2 and 3-yr-olds with a super start and a few older horses you could take and do anything on. Highlights included a horse that had been taught to lie down and several you could stand on and crack a bullwhip.

77 horses sold for a sale average of 2,565. The sale featured 16 blue roan weanlings, 6 blue roan stallions, 5 blue roan mares and 5 blue roan geldings. Also offered were 3 granddaughters of Gooseberry and many other grullo, dun and red roans.

The 2013 high-selling horse was Blues Red Rip, a flashy, responsive 4-yr-old blue roan gelding. He showed nicely in the preview and generated a lot of interest before the sale. Owned by Randy Dunn and shown by Denton Ward, he sold for 7,100.

The 2nd high seller was Blue N Blue Susita and owned by Randy. This 3-yr-old all-around blue roan stallion was quiet and had a nice start. He sold for 7,400.

The 3rd high seller was Wyos Contessa, a big 2-yr-old grullo roan filly owned by Chip Merritt. She is one of the last daughters of Wyo Blue Bonnet and a full sister to Wyo Blue Chips. She sold for 6,750.

A good-looking, well-made 3-yr-old dun roan stallion owned by Randy was the 4th high seller. He had a smooth, collected lope and sold for 6,500.

The 5th high seller was Wyo Jack, a 3-yr-old bay roan stallion, and he brought 5,250. The 6th high seller was Seven For Seven, a blue 4-yr-old who sold for 5,200. They were both sold by Dick VanPelt and ridden by Greg Frye and daughters Reyatta and Jennaya.

Blue Bonnet Wyo, a blue roan broodmare owned by Chip was the 7th high seller. She has produced 80% roans so far and she sold for 5,000.

We has a good turn-out and enjoyed seeing past customers. There is never enough time to catch up but we do thank you for your contnued support. We also think there was more new interest than usual. It was fun to meet new people and find out what they were looking for in our horses.

Thank you to Doug Johnson, the new fairgrounds manager, Corona Village and Laurie Dunn for the excellent meals served, and Cody Moreshead for the huge variety of talent and help you provide.

A special thank you to everyone involved behind the scene, where all the work is done. We are grateful for the support it has received over the years.

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The Philosophy Behind Come To The Source

  1. Preserve the Blue Valentine bloodlines.
  2. Provide high-quality horses versatile enough for work or play.
  3. Produce a sale that is honest with good horses as the focus.

The Original Source

Blue Valentine was owned by Chip Merritt's family. He was a blue roan grandson of Joe Hancock that excelled in many events. Family and friends who rode him can attest to his performance in the arena.

He also had strong genes and passed on his favorable traits. Blue Valentine earned his place as one of the great foundation ranch and performance sires.

Each of us still had some of Blue's offspring and knew we needed preserve his bloodlines. We wanted to let people to see the horses together in a central place. Offering a one-stop "Source" for the genetics was the best way to do this.

What We Offer

  • Horses that are structurally sound, smart, athletic and easy to work with.
  • Horses that can run fast and stop hard, and that everyone in the family can ride.
  • Quality Blue Valentine colts with that trademark color.